Late Season an 2nd Rut Tactics

Posted by Jason Caldwell on December 27, 2014. 0 Comments

Putting away the deer hunting gear after the peak of the rut is a major mistake most whitetail hunters encounter during the deer season . Bucks return to their home territories and recuperate after the physically demanding peak of the rut. Feeding is important during the post-rut, as is resting in a secluded area unaffected by hunting pressure. A mature buck may move its home range if hunting pressure during the peak of the rut has burned out its original home, which happens often on public land or other areas with heavy hunting pressure. However, studies have shown that bucks often don’t move to the next county, but will stay in smaller secluded spots near where they were lived before the craziness of the rut.  100% all natural deer urine can be a very effective tool in calming down pressured deer,all J&S Scents are 100% pure and collected fresh. 


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Mid deer season

Posted by Jason Caldwell on October 24, 2014. 0 Comments

This stage in the season, deer are moving and feeding more and more in the daytime hours. Bucks, big bucks are separating themselves from their "bachelor" groups and starting to "claim" their territory. All though they are still mostly sticking to the midnight hour you could catch a cruiser just before day or nightfall, and using fresh deer scent could be the key to your success.

Scents like:


These will all be affective during this stage of the season. Mock a scrape in your field edge or feeding funnel stand, add scent or scents, and update it every time you hunt these stands. Put a trail cam on the "mock" scrape to keep track of the deer using the scrape. Once the deer start using the scrape, and they will, it’s only a matter of...

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Early-Season Herd Structure and Selecting the Right Scents

Posted by Jason Caldwell on August 05, 2014. 0 Comments

The key to getting deer scent to work for you lies in knowing the social structure of the herd. During the time of early season in the "Whitetail World" (typically late August into September), it's all about being social with other deer. Many feel that they shouldn’t use scent until just before the rut. In actuality, early season can be the easiest time to draw a response using scent and it has been proven very effective and successful; you just need to know which smells they favor and how to dispense them in your favor. Full Draw on the deer you have watched all summer or the first doe of the year to fill that freezer.

During late summer and early fall, whitetail are very social animals. However, they are primarily social only within their own gender groups. You may see them feeding side by side in a field, but...

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