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Why use J & S Scents ?  All deer urine is created equal that's true ,however  its the precautions taken during collection, bottling and shipping that separates J&S Scents from the other guys .

Refrigeration will help prevent the growth of bacteria and helps preserve the product in its original state ...Pure and no additives

Most other scent companies sell warm products on the shelf at big box stores. How can they do this you should ask and maintain pure ,fresh products as they claim on the package...the answer is they can not  do so without adding preservatives that can compromise the products results.

At J&S Scents we add nothing to our products!

We collect Oxygen free as possible and refrigerate all products from storage to shipping .

Oxygen  as seen below will speed the growth of bacteria...both samples are from the same product, same collection date and started as the same yellow color as the right picture.

Shows Oxygen has changed color of product on left picture---  24 hours after collection

Right picture ..Sample on the right has been refrigerated from collection                          Sample on the left was not refrigerated from collection

At J & S Scents we only collect fresh, never frozen whitetail deer urine from our own deer herd delivered to your door. Less then 1% of deer urine companies own their own deer. Rather than feed and care for deer, they buy urine wholesale and put a label on it and sell it not knowing its freshness. Fresh deer urine is a proven effective tool to whitetail hunters, loaded with fresh pheromones and secretions that only can come from fresh scent. The smell in itself can easily be distinguished by a human nose from competitors product that is in many cases months/years old. J & S Scents is very effective in the woods in calming and attracting deer. This year instead of buying old scent from the big box stores, buy J & S Scents fresh urine guaranteed days old when shipped !!

Refrigeration maintains freshness, and the spray atomizer and amber-colored bottle slows down the growth of bacteria by keeping out sunlight and reducing opening the bottle for dispersal. This eliminates the oxygen exposure to the product therefore reducing the ammonia smell.  All of the natural odors are then maximized to attract those trophy bucks, giving you the hunter’s edge!

Dealers Welcome!!

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