Late Season an 2nd Rut Tactics

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Putting away the deer hunting gear after the peak of the rut is a major mistake most whitetail hunters encounter during the deer season . Bucks return to their home territories and recuperate after the physically demanding peak of the rut. Feeding is important during the post-rut, as is resting in a secluded area unaffected by hunting pressure. A mature buck may move its home range if hunting pressure during the peak of the rut has burned out its original home, which happens often on public land or other areas with heavy hunting pressure. However, studies have shown that bucks often don’t move to the next county, but will stay in smaller secluded spots near where they were lived before the craziness of the rut.  100% all natural deer urine can be a very effective tool in calming down pressured deer,all J&S Scents are 100% pure and collected fresh. 

 Not using peak-of-the-rut techniques during the second estrous cycle is a mistake in late season . Most does were bred during the peak of the rut, but the bucks still maintain some contact. About a month after the peak of the rut, does that weren’t bred come back into estrous, causing a smaller, less activity charged rut peak. Use the same tools and tactics used during the peak of the rut to take a mature buck during late post-rut.J&S Scents Doe in Heat can be very effective on those late season bucks looking to score on the 2nd phase of the rut.

When you are hunting late season deer you need to know where the food sources are, and know the trails the deer use during daylight as they move to and from the fields. The easiest way to find the food sources is to regularly scout the area by driving the farm country roads to locate fields that haven't been picked. Or you can get up high and watch the deer from a distance. Personally I like to watch deer from a portable stand or blind, or a high hill where you can stand and wait for the deer.

Deer have been pressured all season a key scent we like to use is J&S Scents "Chill Pillz"  Calming Agent this scent has all the key ingrediants of of deers bedroom in one easy to use product.

Good Luck and remember you cant fill those tags watching football on the couch so hunt hard and good luck !!

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