Mid deer season

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This stage in the season, deer are moving and feeding more and more in the daytime hours. Bucks, big bucks are separating themselves from their "bachelor" groups and starting to "claim" their territory. All though they are still mostly sticking to the midnight hour you could catch a cruiser just before day or nightfall, and using fresh deer scent could be the key to your success.

Scents like:


These will all be affective during this stage of the season. Mock a scrape in your field edge or feeding funnel stand, add scent or scents, and update it every time you hunt these stands. Put a trail cam on the "mock" scrape to keep track of the deer using the scrape. Once the deer start using the scrape, and they will, it’s only a matter of time before a mature buck will have to contribute his "TWO SCENTS"

Using these buck and doe scents now wont only cause you to have luck early, it will also put "J & S Scents" deer in the area causing the other deer to smell them but never see them. The moment estrous and rut are in full force and the moment that mature buck gets a sniff of "J & S's doe in heat" scent, well the rest is up to you.

GOOD LUCK this season!

J & S Scents Staff

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