Intruder Buck Urine

J&S Scents

Intruder Buck Urine  is collected from  bucks in thier peak breeding stages; 2- 3 year old  bucks.This product has been proven effective early season when bucks are in bachelor groups and looking for other bucks, as bucks separate it becomes  extremly effective to enrage  bucks in the area by making them think there is a new guy on the block looking to steal the ladies. When a  buck catches a nose full, be ready he will come looking for a fight giving you that opportunity that you may have missed out on otherwise. Works  great  in  mock scrapes along with rattling and or grunting methods.


When to Use : Early season when bucks are together and is

very effective during the early  stages of pre rut  when bucks are on there feet laying scrapes and establishing territory.


How to Use :

Early season use on a  drag  to your stand site and in desired shooting locations around stand site...


Pre rut uses:

Mock scrapes  are a must with this product ,simply reproduce a bucks scrape by  removing leaves with a stick or rake  and pour in the intruder buck ,for use with decoys where decoys are legal. Great product for trail camera photos when used in a mock scrape .


$ 13.99