Chill Pillz Calming Agent

J&S Scents

What are Chill Pillz:


While we were cleaning the stalls at the farm we discovered that the waste that was being discarded was a very valuable tool to a successful day in the field. Buck Urine, Doe Urine, hair and fecal matter are key components to a whitetail's bedding area. So, we are rolling up our sleeves and do the dirty work to bring you the newest member of the J&S Scents Family.

Deer Herd in a jar was too much for a label to hold so we developed the name "Chill Pillz." When you just want those spooky whitetail deer to just Chill Out and come in close enough for the shot, drop a few Chill Pillz in areas where you want the deer to come and fill those tags.


Size 4oz resealable container


What it does: attractant and calming agent for use all season .


When to Use: All season


How to Use :

Method #1: Sprinkle around your stand location as a cover scent and calming agent .


Method #2 :Open the resealable canister for a mess free scent station place on a trail or wherever you would like the deer to stop and present a shot, mess free and reusable.


Refrigerate when not in use

$ 13.99 $ 14.99