Opening Day Doe Scent

J&S Scents

Collected from our does when they are not in estrous, our Opening Day Doe social doe urine is a great cover scent as well as a curiosity scent. Great for use all season long to just simply relax deer and get them closer. Early season deer are social and want to have company. This scent is great at attracting does and bucks of all sizes in the early season bow hunting. 


1oz Spray Bottle makes for spill proof application  and  waste very little  when applying.


When to Use: Effective all season long especially great for early bow season ...Opening Day Doe is great to get that first bow kill under your belt for the season opener.


How to Use: Spray on a drag rag. When going into your hunting area, spray around your stand locations  on scent wicks where a shot could be presented.


$ 13.25