Rut Hunters Combo

J&S Scents

You have waited all year for this time ... All the summer scouting trips and hanging stands have led up to this time of year. Your calendar is marked, vacation is set and you are sighted in. You travel too far and spend too much money to settle for anything less then the freshest Doe in Heat scent money can buy !!!

Our Doe in Heat is collected from our Farm and shipped days after collection

This package gets you

1 bottle of Doe in Heat

1 bottle of  Intruder Buck Urine

1 bottle of Doe Estrous Scrape Rage


Save shipping costs by ordering this combo.


When to use : Pre Rut - Peak Rut


How to Use : Drag lines and scent wicks for all spray bottles, apply the scrape rage gel into existing scrapes and make mock scrapes also.


All products are shipped by 2 day priority shipping by US Postal Service (when available).

$ 39.99 $ 42.99